Talend jobs in PHP

April 1, 2020

Talend jobs in PHP

Talend Open Studio is an open source solution for data integration. It has GUI interface which allows user to easily create procedure for data import. For instance, import from CSV file to MySQL database table. User can run job directly from Talend Open Studio. Another option is to build job as a standalone procedure which […]

March 9, 2020

ClickHouse vs MySQL

In this article, we are going to benchmark ClickHouse and MySQL databases. Sample database table contains over 10,000,000 records. It has composite primary key (as_on_date, customer_number, collector_number, business_unit_id and country). There is a trxn_amount field besides composite primary key. It contains transaction amount. Toral number of records: 11,091,713Average records per month: 231,077Number of months: 48 […]